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Take the First Step From Stressed to Success!

You can have the “perfect” resume, but if you are stressed and exhausted you won’t be truly successful.

Anna StephensonAuthentic Core Coach
Anna Stephenson of Authentic Core Coach
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You want to make the world a better place doing work you love.

You want to create a fulfilling future as a successful woman.

You do everything to a high standard.

And yet you find yourself…


Exhausted by your schedule.


Overwhelmed inside – but outwardly “have it all together.”


Unsure what to do after graduation.


Criticizing yourself.

You are not alone! There is another way.

High-functioning anxiety is common among our best and brightest college women and young professionals. You do “it all” because you were not taught how you personally operate best or what specifically you were born to be great at. And it wears you out.

Your real competitive advantage comes from building on your specific talents, pace, and desires wired in your brain and body by your DNA.

I have proven tools to quickly guide you from stressed-out to creating a fulfilling future. Its time to support the awakening of the woman you were born to be.

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Coaching with Anna is an exceptionally unique experience tailored for you!

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Empowered for Lasting Success: Discover your personal DNA Roadmap to Success

“Before working with Anna, I felt stuck. I had lost my inner compass – who I was and what I wanted – somewhere along the way. She walked me through the process of excavating my identity with nonjudgment and insight. Her coaching process gave me the courage and clarity to make some big decisions and changes. Every session brought new tools and incredible new perspectives for me. I decided to get my Masters degree in a new field that’s congruent with my strengths and truly brings me joy. I still use what I learned with Anna Every. Single. Day!”

Tricia W.

"I was stuck in my career and very frustrated with my job. Every minute I wasn't at work, I dreaded dragging myself out of bed and plopping down at a desk that I felt chained to for the rest of the day. After working with Anna, I felt the dreary fog lift. Suddenly, I could pinpoint the triggers of stress and irritations. I empowered myself to re-engineer my job to be a great fit for me. Now I am happy going to work and thriving every day!"

Mary B.

"I recently had huge change in my life. All of my plans for the future completely changed and I was lost. In fact I was miserable. Anna helped me find again what it was I wanted in life to be happy. She helped me see I was holding onto rules and regulations in life that caused me stress. Now I've 'rewired' my thinking, and each day I make the life I truly want."

Sara H.

"I was feeling stuck. I had many ideas but no direction. Anna recommended a series of assessments. I have taken some before, but no one ever explained the results as well as Anna did. As I handed her my results, she looked at me and said, "No wonder you feel like you do." That confirmation meant so much to me. I wasn't crazy! Through Anna's guidance, I looked at my situation through a different, more fulfilling lens. I am now in positions that utilize my skill set. I feel more vitality and I have confidence to pursue my own unique path."

Kim O.

"I went deep and got real about my obstacles and fears with Anna’s patience and understanding. She helped me identify underlying thoughts causing my stress so I can move forward without paralyzing self-criticism. I needed her assistance to see my true strengths and learn supportive beliefs. I have found real confidence in who I am. I am now my own best support every day."

Sara K.