Who I Am Born To Be

I help on-purpose women launch into your most successful and satisfying work by discovering the raw talents and purpose wired in your DNA – what you are born to be good at and prosper in.

Women are truly empowered to be confident, successful, satisfied, and step into leadership when your work draws on your innate strengths and interests.  With the whole of your authentic self in the driver’s seat you gain:

  • Competitive advantage in the job market, aka ability to stand out and make money,
  • Career Longevity
  • Satisfaction and Fulfillment, and
  • Confidence!

Highlands Certified Consultant

MBTI Certified Consultant

Experienced Coach

12 years research and highly effective practice in gold-standard tools

BS Business Management

Certified Life Coach

MA Cultural Anthropology

Decision Making in Global Culture

I was once in your shoes!

I faced the same wake up call.  But I did it the hard way.

Here’s a bit about my own struggle, rock bottom, and transformation:

As a college student, I was a high-achiever driven to make the world a better place while making good money.

Not having a clear picture of my career, I did everything to be prepared for the most opportunities.  I changed my major 3 times searching for the right one, then piled on 22 credit hours per semester to graduate on time.  I frosted the cake with multiple leadership roles, 3 jobs, summer internships, and travel abroad.

It was stressful. I took on multiple leadership roles and 3 jobs.  I also took on a spiritual quest of self-growth… not to mention exercise, eating healthy, and being a good friend.

Having been told “You are smart, you can be anything,” I changed my major 3 times searching for the right one, and took 22 credit hours per semester to graduate on time.

On the outside it looked impressive.  On the inside it was costly in time, money, energy, and health.  Eventually this led to a dark night of the soul – depression, anxiety, and wondering why I wasn’t happy with all I had achieved.

After graduating I hopped through several jobs looking for the right fit and learned the hard way that I wasn’t -

  • developing cohesive skills or experience
  • making the money I knew I was worth
  • contributing in ways that felt satisfying
  • able to recognize whether a job was a good match for me
  • confident in my job security
  • happy at work

With dissatisfaction building inside, I took a natural ability assessment that pinpointed the specific work my brain is wired to be good at.  And I LOVED everything about me!

I launched a 10 + year quest to discover the DNA of the woman I am born to be and how to make choices that create work (and play!) congruent with my gifts and deep meaning.

I uncovered 5 aspects of body, mind, and soul each individual is uniquely wired for that I call your Authentic Core Self.  This includes natural abilities, best modes of operating, drives, purpose, and more.  Together, they point toward your most fulfilling and successful career.

+natural career abilities,

+best modes of operating,

+Values, Interests, and Purpose

+Deepest Drives

+bottom line messages of your thoughts and feelings so you don’t get stuck.

Together, they point toward your most fulfilling and successful career and contribution.

Today, I use gold-standard assessments and whole-person coaching to help you quickly uncover your Authentic Core Self so you can confidently step into work that suits and satisfies you.

It is my privilege to serve those in career transitions, such as:

  • College
  • Graduate School
  • Returning to work after raising children
  • Returning to civilian life from active military duty
  • Second Career
  • And More!

Giving Back

From my success, I serve my clients, as well as support, women around the world! 13 years ago I was introduced to Women For Women International, a group who helps women survivors of war-torn lands “create sustainable change for themselves, their family, and community.“

I raised money to sponsor one woman’s business education by trail running in the Run for Congo Women fundraiser, and have supported their quality work ever since. Sustainable success is for women everywhere!