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Why PERFORMANCE + CONTRIBUTION + LOVE are the 3 Career Assets that get you True Wealth.

Do your 90,000 lifetime hours at work leave you feeling satisfied with life?
For millions of people, maybe you, the answer is “NO.”  Perhaps, “I don’t even like my job.”


Why then do you spend tens of thousands of hours of your life force energy in this way?


In every industry, even helping professions, it is very likely your work environment (EVEN IF YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS) is heavily oriented toward PERFORMACE…..
….Meeting quotas, financial targets, efficiency measures linked to raises and promotions to ensure an “effective outcome” is being provided.
These elements have a place, but they are definitely not the only components to Quality Performance.  When they are the primary measure of success, you are left questioning “Is this it?”

The reason is, the way you are wired as a member of the human species determines that even if you make millions of dollars for yourself or your company you will not experience a sense of Satisfaction, Inner Peace, or "Successful at Life" without 3 key ingredients....

Your DNA has wired your brain and body to be fast and effective at certain tasks, while being less so at others.  Those at which you are innately efficient are your natural abilities, and they create an inner pressure to be used and challenged!
When the the daily tasks that make up your career match  your natural abilities, your performance is enhanced and you get a thrill of enjoyment.
#2 Contribution to your tribe of something you greatly value.
Your natural abilities combined with your life experience naturally draw you fascinating interests.  When you follow and develop those you begin to make a contribution that is unique to you in your community and company.  We are wired as social creatures, so offering something that uplifts everyone’s thriving gives you a strong sense of satisfaction and purpose fulfillment.
#3 Recognition for what you offer, including Belonging/Love.
Again, as a social creature, your brain capacity and positive chemistry increases when your personalized contributions are recognized by employers, colleagues, family, and friends.  Monetary recognition is important, as well as a sense of bonding, belonging, and “being on the same team” to achieve something important together.
When your hours at work include these 3 ASSETS you experience a lasting sense of Deep Wealth, inside and out that spills over enriching your life outside your career, as well.
My mission is to help you achieve the whole package of wealth in your career by elevating the hours you dedicate to PERFORMANCE + CONTRIBUTION + LOVE.
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