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Here’s the most accurate definition of Midlife…

… a time when “we are called to keep an appointment with our inner life,” [our emotional health, our Purpose, our soul].
Many of us never do.
Fortunately, this insistent invitation comes to us again and again.”
(James Hollis: Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life)

In psychological terms, this appointment with your inner life occurs as an important stage of developing the next phase of your identity….
…Yes, even as adults we keep developing our capacity for skills and contribution with deeper meaning (“who I am and why I’m here.”)
The midlife/mid career developmental stage is essential for our happiness, but most women don’t know how to navigate it successfully. So it is often seen as a trap in decline, frustration, even anger.

The GOOD NEWS IS Midlife is actually a powerful time for fulfillment, enjoyment, and success!

Here’s why. In this new stage of your brain’s development:


You know a lot and have transferable skills.

Maybe your skill set is obvious and you simply want to know where to plug it in next.


Maybe life and your career haven’t gone the way you wished, but “when you don’t get what you want, you get experience.” You have experience and skills in many facets of life.

You know the landscape of yourself.

What you will and won’t sacrifice.

What you like and don’t like.

What you want more of in your life.

Your realistic limitations.

You are naturally hungry for more substance – you want your daily activities to really nourish yourself and your tribe.

You need to prove or please others less than ever. Graduating out of people pleasing is a major benefit of natural brain development in midlife!!

You may have more resources or have already made money/savings so you are set to invest in what excites you body, mind, and soul.

If this is true, why aren’t you clear by midlife about who you and your career target for this important part of life?

Perhaps you relate to other women’s answers to this question:

I’ve been scattered on my career journey.
My daily work and life sap my energy, but I don’t know why.
I have had a great career but now I want a change.
I wonder what could make me happy.
I want to be thankful for what I already have, but I’m not. Why?
I won’t sacrifice being the best parent I can, but I still feel called to make a contribution outside my family. Is that realistic?

The TRUTH is – You are being called to understand your inner compass more precisely than you ever before.


Your purpose and specific career goals for this phase of your life can now be crystal clear to plug in your talents and skills for lasting contribution and fulfilling success from now on.


Nothing less will satisfy you. That’s your appointment with your inner life saying, “NOW is the time to step into your full potential and gifts.”

And the invitation won’t stop knocking on your door until you get quiet and answer…
1. What are my natural career abilities?

2. What does my brain naturally notice and want to act on that others don’t see, but need?

3. What are my deepest drives, what have I sacrificed for in my life? Has it sabotaged my fulfillment or supported it?

4. So far I’ve explored a lot of topics in my life, however, now I must know what 2-3 topics I want to contribute on before the end of my days?

5. Your inner voice must release the self-defeating talk and become your confident champion.

Midlife is the perfect calling for laser focus, masterful contribution, and satisfaction.
Yes! Let’s go for it!

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