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I was only a 22 year old college student when my theme song became Garth Brooks’  “I’m much too young to feel this damn old.”


But I pushed on the same career path into my 30’s feeling frustrated, held back, and damn old the whole way.

I was experiencing the painful life-suck that happens when you don’t know, love, and live your innate purpose, values, drives, and strengths.

These innate elements literally wired in your DNA are building pressure inside to get your attention.

But of course the hidden potential of your Being doesn't speak with words - it speaks with:

  • feelings like satisfaction, peace and success OR jealousy, dissatisfaction, anger, bitterness


  • physical symptoms like energized and healthy OR exhaustion, low libido, and depression


  • dreams, unshakable desires you have too many excuses to investigate


  • fascinating interests that have always been with you


  • what you notice in your community when you drive to work


  • thoughts like:
    • “I love my job!”
    • “I can’t believe I get paid having this much fun making a difference! OR
    • “What is wrong with me?”
    • “Is this it?”
    • “I wish I could be a _____, but I’m too ________.
    • “I need to get out before I suffocate!”
    • “I wish I could spend more time with my family, but what would people think if I’m not at work early every day?”


Luckily for me, my inner gifts screamed out at a young age.


EVEN THOUGH I HAD A SEXY JOB IN MANAGEMENT CONSULTING THAT I THOUGHT WAS MY DREAM JOB (I was driven to look a certain type of successful in front of people I cared about) – my body shut down with mystery illnesses and my mind when into depression.



Write this down – Sooner or later your BODY will always protect your hidden potential AND WIN, even over your work-ethic of steel or your intellect’s excuses.

So I made it my quest to discover why I was dying instead of living a fulfilling life!



Like Indiana Jones on a mission to recover the holy grail to heal his father, I unearthed:

  • the language of my purpose, values, and greatest strengths,


  • objective ways to assess them as exact data points,


  • what each innate gift is and how to use it to make money doing work I enjoy and easily gain high mastery in,


  • WHILE healing my pain and the pain of people in my community, plus….


  • …USHERING IN AN ADVANCED APPROACH TO CAREER SUCCESS anyone can learn and implement for your greatest fulfillment!



9 years ago, I created The Authentic Core Career Discovery and Fulfilled Success Method (TM) :

THE science-based, body/mind/soul nourishing, proven method THAT WILL unleash your most fulfilling career and contribution enabling you to feel younger, smarter, and more free even as the years fly by.


It is uniquely:

  • DNA-CENTERED so the powerful strengths (Yes, YOU have powerful strengths!) of your Body, Intellect, and Soul are all working together to propel you forward in your most fulfilling career quickly.


  • EASY TO DISCOVER and immediately put into creative action (it will take work, but it will be a joy because your brain will be loving what you get to do every day, and barriers to succeeding will fade in front of you).


  • Life-Affirming to bring balance and empowerment to yourself AND your community/our world.


I want this for YOU!


My new In-depth, Fast-Track program to get you there NOW is just days away! Stay tuned!


OR Be first to get details and claim your limited spot by emailing me at!


I cannot wait to let you in on this opportunity!

In Support of Your Most Fulfilling Life,


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