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How you define Success Creates Internal Pressure or Inner Support.

Here is the definition that almost killed me, and how I embraced life affirming criteria for achievement.

In my 20’s and 30’s I defined Success as “making $400,000 per year by age 40.” 

This put me in an internal pressure cooker, I became a workaholic to meet that goal.

But it was an empty, frantic busy-ness.  When promoted, I secretly felt like an imposter.  I was doing the dance everyone expected, but what value was I really adding?

My body and nervous system started to falter into anxiety and exhaustion.

My mind lashed the whip at her, “You want success?  You better work, Bitch!”

Finally, my body said, “This far and no farther!”  She just broke down into a crumpled pile on the floor and wouldn’t keep pushing on.  (Body wisdom is KEY to your inner compass and success!)

From rock bottom, I had to learn a more healthy and rich definition of Success to drive for.

As I researched into the wisdom of the ages, I discovered many life-affirming definitions of success.

They are all about KNOWING YOURSELF and the CONTRIBUTION THAT FASCINATES YOUR MIND AND SOUL – and having the COURAGE to let these data points guide you.

For example: Here is a Do-able and Exciting Definition of career Success from the great Maya Angelou:

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it."

This is an achievement that leads to FULFILLING work, that honors your Body, Mind, and Soul.  It leads you to discover and engage your natural abilities, most fascinating interests, values, and deepest drives.  Your Whole Authentic Self!

What is YOUR definition of success? 

Does it sabotage or support your LIFE-AFFIRMING, FULFILLING career success?

Does it make you wealthy inside, as well as pay into your bank account?

What success goal would better serve your Inner and Outer Health and Wealth?

The first step to CREATING YOUR UNIQUE SUCCESS DEFINITION and meeting Angelou’s target of liking yourself and what you do is KNOWING YOUR YOURSELF.

How to Know Yourself?

Start today by taking this easy Quiz  to get a peek at what Natural Career Ability is in wired in your DNA.  Its the first of many data points that make up WHO YOU ARE and your personal healthy, wealthy definition of success!

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